Lake Lady is part of my My Own Personal Feminine series. Last year I started going through boxes of old family photos at my parent’s house. This painting is of a person connected to my mom’s side of the family. Though we are pretty sure my grandfather took the picture, we are not sure who it is. A family friend to be sure. Circa late 1930’s.

I liked how she was posing in the water in her old style bathing suit. There is a realness about the image. Her figure isn’t perfect and she is squinting because of the bright sun, and yet it has a pinup quality I like.
Lake Lady Lake Lady ~ photo
Lake Lady ~ side
I am experimenting with cold wax painting. It has the appeal of encaustic painting in terms of being able to achieve thick transparent layers and texture, but without the investment in supplies and the need for heat that encaustic requires.

This painting is 18 x 24 on cradled wood panel. I started out with thin opaque layers of oil and wax. Later thicker transparent layers of wax were applied over the entire painting. As the painting dries I am scraping texture into the surface and then rubbing mixed black/brown oil paint into the textured areas.

Lake Lady ~ Painting With Cold Wax

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