I am a photography enthusiast! Right now I'm shooting mostly nature scenes and around San Diego. I've been using my Canon XSi for a couple of years now, and have learned a lot, but now that my skill is improving I'm ready to upgrade my equipment. Hoping to this coming summer. The Canon 60D is in my future!

I'll be posting some of my efforts here to share, so stay tuned. 



So, I ended up getting the Canon 7D with the 28-135mm kit lens. The lens is ok, and is sufficient as a general purpose walk around lens with a good zoom range, but I'm itching to get some decent glass like the Canon 17-55mm to go along with my Canon 10-22mm. Oh, and of course the Canon 50mm, 1.4 is right up there at the top of the list of lenses I want to get. Unfourtunately, I have to wait for my budget to allow it. 

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